A good house lighting design is a one where you can control your lights!! Let us help you know how home automation can help you control your light from anywhere and everywhere. Lighting control is technology where Light, Fan, Air conditioners, geysers, Television set, microwave, and all your electrical appliances are connected together in a network so that you can set them as per your exact needs.

Imagine a situation where you have left the house for an exciting getaway, and suddenly -“Son did you turn off the lights of your room??” or a situation where you are too lazy to get up half an hour early to turn your geyser on so that you get a hot shower when you wake up!! or a situation where the climate goes crazy and you can’t decide whether the fan/AC should be on or off??

Small situations, but quite irritating right???

Now how if I told you that we have a technology that fits just right and will help you with all your electrical appliances, a technology with which you can control, set, instruct, schedule, sense, turn off, turn on, and master all your devices along with saving energy!!

Yes it is now possible, Alta brings future at your fingertips. Retrofit technology that makes your existing appliances smart and helps you control them from here, there , everywhere!!!!

Save today survive tomorrow !!

Advantages of smart lighting system-

  • They help you be more efficient- more energy saved with Alta Smart Home lighting system.
  • They can be installed without any disruption in your existing systems.
  • They allow you to tailor your room appliances according to your mood.
  • They help rather than hinder your productivity.
  • User friendly application to provide you with an ease in utilization.
  • Affordable and comfortable.

Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels.

  -Nikola tesla

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