Our story

ALTA- Reaching the world and changing it!

ALTA, not just an organization, but is an revolution. A story of three friends coming together with a same vision of creating a new, safe, affordable world. “Change begins at home”- they say Watch Alta turn this phrase into a reality. Alta believes in giving its customers something more than just some products, it believes in making technology a friend, it believes in a future where appliances and people co-exist and understand each other.





Why change your existing appliances when you can make them smart

Retrofit is better than Replacement

Why are we specialized is customization? its because customer is everything for us

Everything starts with the customer

Bringing technology at your fingrtips

Specialization in IoT Manufacturing

Technology for everything and everyone

Smart homes - Affordable are now synonyms

Digitally and truly yours, One- stop solution for all your software requirements as well

One-Stop Solution

The Key to Peace of Mind

The place where you can do anything you want. The home that warms the floor before you get out of bed and puts your favorite song on. We offer premium home automation systems with personalization features.

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